The Man Who Smiled


Frank Wilson on Books, Inq. posts about today's book reviews in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The interesting collection includes my  review of Henning Mankell's book The Man Who Smiled. I like the title of the review (not mine): "Nabbing the villain is the weakest part of a strong book". Here's a direct link to the review. Thank you very much to Frank for asking me to write it — what a truly kind and generous man.

Mankell's book is published in the USA by The New Press: I hadn't previously heard of this outfit before receiving the book, but having checked out its website during the course of writing the review, I recommend a look. Here is what it says about itself:

"Established in 1990 as a major alternative to the large, commercial publishers, The New Press is a not-for-profit publishing house operated editorially in the public interest. It is committed to publishing in innovative ways works of educational, cultural, and community value that, despite their intellectual merits, may be deemed insufficiently profitable by commercial publishers. Like the Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio as they were originally conceived, The New Press aims to provide ideas and viewpoints under-represented in the mass media."


Originally posted at Petrona on 17 September 2006.

My review of the book in the Philadelphia Inquirer (17 September) can be found here.

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